Forensic Anthropology

The Forensic Anthropology Laboratory serves as a resource for forensic anthropological research, education and training. The faculty and researchers at the Forensic Anthropology Lab have the expertise to assist with personal identification, assessment of the biological profile (age, sex, and height), identification of skeletal remains, fingerprint and document examination. This laboratory has three dedicated research groups i.e. Forensic Dermatoglyphics, Handwriting examination and personal identification group and places a major emphasis on the further development of Forensic Anthropology. The Dermatoglyphics group of Forensic Anthropology laboratory is working on ridge patterns and measurements for ethnicity variability and other anthropo-forensic investigations. Growing out of research on handwriting examination, this group focuses on the handwriting pattern analysis in various population groups of India. Personal Identification group at Forensic Anthropology Laboratory provides identification approaches through sex, age, stature, bodily measurements, tattoos, scars, deformities and external peculiarities such as moles and warts. The expertise team of laboratory also offers student oriented training program and projects with a range of theoretical and methodological approaches.