Physiological Anthropology Laboratory

Physiological Anthropology Laboratory is dedicated to teaching and research. The mission is to provide hands-on training to the students in the practical skills of Physiological Anthropology, especially in assessing cardiovascular, biochemical and respiratory functions. Physiological Anthropology Laboratory has been trying to integrate the physiological aspect of human health with anthropometry and molecular science.

This laboratory has trained many scholars including 8 Post doctorates (6 completed, 2 currently under guidance), 23 doctorate (17 awarded, 6 pursuing) 7 M.Phil (5 awarded, 2 pursuing).

The laboratory is engaged in a wide range of research areas including human adaptation, growth and development, physical activity, communicable and non-communicable disease, reproductive and child health, epidemiology and public health. The research focuses on highlighting the applicability of knowledge to the relevant health problems due to lifestyle risk factors among urban, rural and tribal population.

The laboratory is very well equipped with instruments required for physiological and molecular research. This includes Power Lab, BIOPAC, TLC, Treadmill, Segmental body composition analyser, thermal cycler etc., which use specialised techniques for measurement of lung functions and cardio-vascular health, physical fitness and body composition. Over the past few years it has become an epitome of research, in physiological anthropology. Now, it also integrates molecular and epidemiological methods to study lifestyle health complications from a population specific perspective. The lab has produced many efficacious and bright research scholars who are currently working as a faculty in different universities, and some are employed in various research organisations, government and non-government organisations and universities in India and abroad such as University of Washington, Amity University, MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child, Delhi, Sardar Patel Institute of Economic and Social Research, Ahmedabad, SANGATH, VIMARSH Development solutions, NISD Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment etc.

Many scholars during their research availed fellowships to explore prestigious foreign universities including Common Wealth Fellowship for Post-doctoral work, Glasgow University, Doctoral research work from the Institute of Applied Health Sciences, University of Aberdeen, and advanced studies in Public health from Kings College London and Charles University Czech Republic.