Besides engaging in academic activities like teaching and conducting research in different Universities all over India and abroad, a number of anthropologists also find careers in other fields as well, such as schools of medicine, epidemiology, public health, ethnic studies, cultural studies, community or area studies, linguistics, education, ecology, cognitive psychology etc. Anthropologists also play an important role in planning, research and managerial capacities conducted by state and local government organisations, Non-governmental Organizations also employ anthropologists to help design and implement a wide variety of programs. Our students are accommodated in the organisations like Census of India, Anthropological Survey of India, Archaeological survey of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Public Health Foundation of India where data collection skills through qualitative and quantitative field work are required. Our scholars/ apprentices are also working in Microsoft, USAID, Action Aid, UNICEF, WHO, National and International NGO’s and Trust, teaching in southeast Asian countries after getting training in Anthropology from Delhi University.