Archaeological Anthropology Laboratory

Anthropology Department has a purpose-built laboratory for archaeological science. The under-graduate and post-graduate courses cover the prehistoric and proto-historic human past in India, Europe and Africa with reference to other continents. The scope of our teaching is global and it covers both theory and practice in Archaeology. Students gain essential hands-on experience from the artefacts housed in the department Museum during their practical classes. The Museum has a large collection of Prehistoric artefacts that have been collected during archaeological field-work over a long period of time.

In the second semester, all students are taken to a prehistoric site for a week long field trip to learn the basics of Archaeology. When they return from the field trip, they analyse the data and write a field report putting together their knowledge of class room teaching and practical experience. This report is evaluated during Archaeology practical examination. A number of students have been awarded Ph.D degrees on different topics in Archaeology and Ethno-Archaeology. At present, many students are working for their M.Phil and Ph.D degrees on field archaeology as well as theoretical archaeology. They can seek opportunities in academic institutes, national and international museums, archaeological surveys etc.